Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obama Adventure Begins

Now that the euphoria of getting elected President is over the real fun begins for Mr. Obama. He has promised change if he was elected. He now enters a good old boy political system that fights change unless his supporters get something out of the change for themselves. He enters a political system that lacks public support and trust due to George Bush and his failed presidency.

His tasks of changing the political status quo so it will accept change is daunting to say the least. Americans want him to fix the economy by saving their homes, provide new jobs and health care too. Corporate America will also place major demands for the President to make changes in the regulations that favor their industries. This is all in addition to winning a lost war in Iraq and he gets to accomplish this all in only four years! He will be a true magician if he can keep only a portion of his promises that he made while running for President.

Mr. Obama is our first black President and he has stepped into one very big world wide economic disaster of epic proportions thanks to our last white President. He will likely but unfairly be held to a higher standard of job performance than any other white President that has ever been elected before him. He will be replacing one of the worst Presidents that this country has seen since President Nixon resigned in disgrace in the 70's. He must set a new example for what our nations leader must stand for in today's world.

I voted for Mr. Obama because I have high hopes that he will help make changes so that every American can have a better life. Mr. Obama has less than ninety days before he is sworn in as our next President. Ninety days is not very long when you have to choose a leadership team and complete your initial plan of attack on the toughest job in the world. Now I will prey for Mr. Obama to be a strong leader so that he may fulfill at least some of his promises to the Amercan people.

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